Family Armory &
Indoor Gun Range

Quick Information

  • Open to the public
    No reservation needed.

  • For the love of God, please enter the store with your firearm in a bag, case, or holster!

    • Don’t have one? Ask to borrow one from us!!!
    • Yeah, even if your firearm is unloaded or on a sling.
    • Yeah, even if it’s just an AR upper.
    • Yeah, anything that looks like a gun.
    • Why do I even have to say this?
  • Minimum age to be in the shooting area is 12 years old with adult supervision per insurance requirements.

  • 2 people per lane limit to avoid over-crowding.

  • Our fees are daily, not hourly.

  • Range fee is $27 for the first person and +$10 for second person on the same lane.

  • We rent firearms to individuals who already possess an operational firearm.

    • We do not rent firearms to individuals who do not already have a firearm.
    • We will rent a firearm to friend groups of 2+ people without a firearm.
  • Indoor Gun Shooting

  • Some form of ID is required: Passport, DL, License to Carry, Student ID, etc.

  • Rifles and Handguns allowed.

    • We disallow rifle calibers exceeding 7.62×51 or .308 Win.
    • We disallow ammunition exceeding 2,700 ft./lb of energy.
    • We disallow rifle ammo bullet tips that respond to a magnet.
      • Our bullet trap is also made of steel, that’s why.
    • We disallow all shotguns and all shotgun ammunition.
  • 10 lanes each extending 25 yards (75 ft.)

  • $40 Transfer Fee.

    • Do not use the Post Office.
    • Use Fedex or UPS.

(432) 279 – 1777

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Located Between Midland and Odessa at FM 1788 & HWY 191 since 2015

Family Armory Business Hours

Regular Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tue – Fri: 12p – 6p
  • Sat – Sun: 12p – 6p

Holiday Hours

  • Thanksgiving Eve: Opening – 4pm
  • Thanksgiving Day: Closed
  • Christmas Eve: Opening – 4pm
  • Christmas Day: Closed
  • Easter: Closed

New LTC Applicants (1/3)

New LTC Applicants (3/3)

  • You will need an operational handgun and 50 rounds of ammo.

  • We will shoot 20 rounds at 3 yards, 20 rounds at 7 yards, and 10 rounds at 15 yards.

  • Know how to shoot before you sign up. The LTC class does not teach shooting fundamentals.