Safety at the gun range is both a conscious choice and a state of mind; the development of range rules and the safe behavior contained therein is an administrative and management control designed to reduce and/or eliminate potential dangers found at gun stores and gun ranges. All guests are encouraged to exaggerate safe behavior and remain vigilant at all times to ensure a positive shooting experience.

13 06, 2019

No shooting from the holster

2019-06-13T17:00:22-05:00Range Safety|

Each gun range will have their own policy on shooting when drawing from the holster. Some ranges will disallow this practice altogether while other ranges will find shooting from the holster acceptable. Most gun ranges, however, will probably set [...]

9 06, 2019

Dealing with malfunctioning firearms

2019-06-07T23:33:28-05:00Range Safety|

If you've practiced shooting your firearm for long enough, you've probably experienced some kind of firearm malfunction. Because all firearms are manufactured pieces of equipment using manufactured pieces of ammunition, chances are that an error will occur with one [...]

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