Family Armory offers firearms training and education to citizens living in the Permian Basin both in a one-on-one setting and in a classroom setting. Those wanting to build confidence, familiarity, and precision with their pistol are encouraged to take the steps necessary to be a better shooter. Our local instructors are NRA pistol certified and possess the credentials to teach the Texas License to Carry a Firearm class. Private lessons are structured to include one hour of classroom time and one hour of range time.

1 Hr. Classroom

Class Time

You’ll become better acquainted with your firearm with “hands on” education. We’ll cover firearm safety principles, grip, stance, and finger placement … and more!

1 Hr. Range

Range Time

You’ll put into practice the concepts learned during the classroom session. You can either use your pistol or rent one of ours during this instructor guided range time.


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Option 1: Private Lesson *OR* Texas LTC Class

$120ea. person
  • Price Breakdown:
  • $20 Reservation/Range Fee. Non-Refundable.
  • Cash or Check Payable to Instructor.
  • $100 Private Lesson/LTC Class.

Private lessons occur on Mondays and on weekdays before the range opens to the public. Family Armory opens at 12p during the week.

Please no tank-tops, low cut shirts, or open toe sandals. Brass casings are hot!

Bring your pistol, ammunition (50-100 rounds), safety glasses, ear protection, and gun cleaning supplies in a range bag. All items will be available for purchase from the retail area in case you do not have them.

Option 2: Private Lesson *AND* Texas LTC Shooting Qualification

$170ea. person
  • Price Breakdown:
  • $20 Reservation/Range Fee. Non-Refundable.
  • Cash or Check Payable to Instructor.
  • $100 Private Lesson/Range Instruction (1-2 Hours).
  • $50 Texas LTC Shooting Qualification. Bring your LTC 101 Form.

LTC 101 Part A: Student Information & Online Training (4-6 Hours)

Many people like the concept of obtaining the required class time (4-6 Hours) for the Texas LTC from an online provider. However, there are two other required components to complete a LTC-101 form: Range Instruction (1-2 Hours) and Proficiency Demonstration.

LTC-101 Part B: Range Instruction (1-2 Hours)

Private lessons with one of our instructors occurs before Family Armory opens to the public or at times and dates when our instructors are available. When Texas LTC Shooting qualifications are scheduled apart from the regular Texas LTC class held on weekends, instructors are still required to provide between 1-2 hours of range instruction, which is found in Part B: Range Instruction in addition to Part C: Proficiency Demonstration on the LTC-101 Form made available after completing Part A: Online Training (4-6 Hours).

LTC-101 Part C: Proficiency Demonstration

The shooting proficiency demonstration occurs at a range under the supervision of a LTC instructor. An operational pistol along with 50 rounds of ammunition is required. Also required are hearing protection, eye protection, watching the range safety video as well as signing the range waiver before being allowed on the range. Students will use their pistol to shoot at their target at specified distances.

A person cannot just waltz into the range and request a Part C: Proficiency Demonstration without first completing BOTH Part A: Online Training (4-6 Hours) and Part B: Range Instruction (1-2 Hours).


Family Armory offers private shooting lessons to law abiding citizens living in the Permian Basin. Do you live in Odessa or Midland and want to learn the basic fundamentals of a firearm, improve your accuracy, or learn more about defending yourself with your firearm? Our Family Armory Private Lessons are designed to provide the very best two hours of individualized firearm instruction in West Texas.


Our staff of NRA Certified Instructors make use of classroom instruction time and range time to demonstrate that the shooting sports are safe and fun. After a thorough and informative safety lecture, our range officers will continue to make sure all shooters are firing safely at all times while on the range. Safety is our top priority in all of our West Texas gun lessons.